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Trapping Mat Cat Litter Trapper Mat Double Layer Cat Litter Mats Scatter Control Waterproof and Urine Proof Trapper Mats

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    Specifications about Litter Mats

    Material: EVA Foam Rubber

    Package Includes: 1 x Cat Litter Mat

    How does the black hole mat catch the litter?

    – Double layer design: Cats walk out from the box and cat litter falls on the upper layer of the mat.

    Litter goes through large holes of upper layer and is trapped on the bottom layer.

    Is this mat soft enough for cat’s paws?

    – Made of super soft, light, durable and non-toxic EVA material. Honeycomb design: it helps you gather the litter. You just pick up the mat and all the litter falls through and then dump it back in the litter box make it recycling. When the cat walking on the mat the litter has gone down through large holes.

    Is this mat urine proof?

    – 100%. The bottom layer of this mat is laminated and won’t allow liquids to soak through.

    How to clean it?

    Open the mat and pour the litter back to the box.

    Wash the mat with water / use a vacuum / wipe it by using a wet towel.

    Blow-dry it inside your house.

    Made of soft durable EVA material which is tough and washable.

    Dirt is removed super easily after cleaning the mat.

    Tips for using it better:

    1.This product is made of EVA material and occasionally has a little smell when it’s just opened.

    It is a normal phenomenon. Keep the product in a ventilated place for up to two days, the smell will disappear.

    2.How to deal with folds: Put some weights on it for a while, it will recover to previous shape soon.Or use a hairdryer, heat the folds till it reach a certain temperature. Fold it in the opposite direction.


    With the difference in the measurement method, please allow 0.5-1Inch in size deviation.

    There might be slightly different in color, because of the computer monitor settings.

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